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Your New Favorite Vegan Restaurant in NYC

My love letter to ABCV.

As a huge foodie, proclaiming my fav restaurant in NYC is super emotional for me. I don’t want to offend the other restaurants here that I love, and what if I change my mind thanks to an insane dish at a new restaurant? Or what if I forgot about an insane dish I’ve already had elsewhere and I’m fucking this up?!?!

So, instead of thinking too deeply about this (let’s also note that I have 0 readers right now so this isn’t exactly life or death), I decided to go with the first restaurant that came to mind. It’s one of the first (actually probably THE first) restaurant in NYC I went to that I raved to all of my friends about afterwards (okay mostly just my sister + mom because they are the only 2 that care as much about restaurants as I do), and kept coming back to. It’s become a go-to for me, as it’s fancy enough to feel special but casual enough so that you don’t look too bougie suggesting it (a huge problem in today’s society!!).

Cool, I’m ready to STFU now and say my favorite restaurant in NYC is ABCV! It’s owned by ABC Carpet & Home, so it’s in the same building as ABC Kitchen + ABC Cocina (I’ve actually yet to try either of these). Kinda really random when you think about it that a home decor store is associated with all of these amazing restaurants, but I digress!

First, let’s start with the design of the restaurant. As you can see above, it has an open and airy feel. There are countless details in the design of the restaurant – like funky little lighting fixtures, pretty plants and the light pink shirts that all of the waitstaff are required to wear – that really add up and make this place so special. Whoever designed ABCV is welcome to design my apartment, wardrobe and overall personality if they so please because I literally trust them that much after eating at this restaurant!!!

Now, let’s talk FOOD. Okay so, I am kind of a vegan (anyone that knows me knows that this goes to shit after 1-10 drinks) but I really do try and mostly order vegan when I am eating out! This restaurant isn’t entirely vegan (so everyone can calm TF down, it’s annoyingly predictable to make fun of vegans kkkkk? :)), however everything on the menu can be altered to be vegan. ‘Tis a dream for me.

Now let’s run through my favorite dishes on the menu.

Dosa with cashew yogurt, avo + sprouts

This dish For those that don’t know, a dosa is “a cooked flat thin layered rice batter” – aka a really freaking good carb. I choose to get the cashew yogurt which is an AMAZING vegan option, however they have dairy yogurt as an option as well. Making mini sandwiches by putting the yogurt, avocado and sprouts inside pieces of the dosa is literally my form of a sport. Don’t knock it ‘till you try it.

Wild Blueberry Bowl (+ Bloody Mary when I’m hungover)

I’m usually not an acai bowl/fruit bowl kinda gal (I always want to feel like I’m getting as much bang for my buck and for some reason bowls never feel like the safe choice for this #cheap), but this blueberry bowl is DANK. It’s a blueberry acai blend with peanut butter, dried fruit and fresh fruit on top. I remember I was deeply hungover when I ate this (it was the day after my 25th birthday I believe), and it saved me. And paired with the bloody mary which has just enough spice – mmm mmmm.

Sweet Potato Brunch Bowl

See that smile on my face? That’s the smile of a girl with a freaking yummy vegan sweet potato brunch bowl amirite?!?! Jk this is obviously THE corniest picture on the planet but #content you know? The sweet potato bowl has sprouts, coconut, crunchy seeds, peanut + avocado all mixed in. It’s warm, savory and so0o0o satisfying.

Vegan Desserts

I’m as unenthusiastic about sorbet as the next fat ass, but this sorbet is so good. These flavors are mango and strawberry, but ABCV has other seasonal flavors as well that do not disappoint! We also got the matcha creme brulee + coconut custard with seasonal fruit. The creme brulee was probably my favorite because it was so unique, but everything pictured here was just perfect. 🙂

Other favorites on the menu include the herbal steel cut oatmeal + the fresh steamed tofu dish.

I never fail to surprise myself when it comes to my passion for food but I am what I am!!! I hope my nauseating joy for this place spurs you to go, so that you can reference me and I can potentially eat here for free at some point.