Which Equinox’s Suck?

My thoughts on the different Equinox gyms across the city.

I’m coming forward as a basic b and admitting that I love Equinox. When I first came to NYC, I was using ClassPass and was in quite a working out rut – aka I almost always preferred to sit on my couch than to workout. ClassPass was fun when I lived in SF because it’s easier to get around in SF/I walked a ton in that city; whereas in NYC, taking the subway all over only to sit on a spin bike in a dark/weird basement wasn’t exactly “motivating.”

Sooo, that’s when I decided I wanted to switch things up. I had heard that Equinox offers great classes from a friend, and I personally love taking classes but also wanted the option to lazily run/walk on the treadmill if I was super tired.

I joined Equinox as an all-access member (meaning I can go to any of the clubs in the city besides a few fancy ones). My visit to the new and AMAZING Hudson Yards location today inspired me to review the one’s worth reviewing because what says FUN like 10 different paragraphs outlining 10 different gymnasiums?!?!


This gym holds a special place in my heart (unfortunately yes, I meant what I just said) as it’s where I first signed up for Equinox and went to feel better about the miserable job I was in (truth though!!).


Exposed brick throughout the gym

Great downtown location, but less crowded than Soho

Hot people


Small yoga studio



VERY hot people, like models though so that’s a con for a lot of people since it’s kinda scene-y (I’ve also seen a few C-list celebs here)

Large group fitness studios


Super crowded

The locker rooms feel slightly less nice to me compared to most other Equinox’s downtown


I just moved to Gramercy and for some reason didn’t think this one would be nice, but I was actually super pleased! I love it.


Dark brick throughout the gym which creates a cool vibe

It gets crowded, but IMO, the gym feels big enough so that members still have their own space

Super nice locker room


The locker room is on the 4th floor which is kinddd of annoying, but also not that big of a deal since there’s an elevator



Outdoor pool

Amazing view of Manhattan that you can see even from inside the gym


The building feels old, especially in the locker room

Located suuuper west, so you’ll have a decent walk even if you take the subway

Overall, if this gym didn’t have a rooftop pool, there would be literally no draw unless you live directly next to it making it convenient for you


Pros *basically everything is a pro at this gym

Outdoor pool – LOVE! Unlike Printing House, this pool feels spacious and you get waited on as if you were at a country club (I would think though I’ve never been to one??) or a hotel pool

Broken Coconut is located right next to the pool, so you can order from the waitstaff and eat your meal outside (this includes cocktail options hay hayyy)

Showers are huge and have amazing water pressure. The locker room overall is so nice and spacious

Hot young people (mostly hot gay guys I noticed)


I guess Hudson Yards isn’t super convenient for everyone, but it is steps from the subway and worth the trip

The size could potentially be intimidating to some


This gym is a totally separate membership, so all-access members and destination members cannot attend. There are two standalone E by Equinox gyms in the world: one on the Upper East Side (which I am reviewing) and the other in St. James, London.


Exclusivity – if you are famous or are, like, “important,” then 1. DM me 😉 and 2. know that you will be in similar company at this gym!

AMAZING amenities, from the Grown Alchemist beauty products, to the digital showers and the heated locker room floors (I could honestly go on), this shit is LUXURIOUS

Free coffee

Super personal atmosphere (6 people in a group fitness class here is considered a large class), so you’ll get a ton of attention as a member

Laundry! Yes they actually do your laundry for you


Much more expensive than the standard Equinox

Super small, both physically + in regards to the low membership count (though again, this could be a pro if you don’t like working out in front of people or are #famous in some way)

It’s an older crowd for sure because of it’s location in the city + the price, so you aren’t going to get the same bumping soundtrack as a regular Equinox or have any hot models running next to you 🙁

I guess I got ahead of myself when I said “10 different gyms” but I will be sure to add to this list! P.S. as I’m writing this I’m thinking of ways to get out of my workout class that I’m signed up for tomorrow morning #irony.