Soko House Pop Up & The Best Soko Glam Products

I traipsed my ass downtown to Soho on THE hottest most humid day to check out Soko Glam’s best products at their new pop up, Soko House! Unfortunately the pop up is closed as of August 18th, but it was so cute and basically begging for a blog post so I had to share.


Soko Glam has the best products, especially essences and serums.

All of the best Soko Glam products were organized by step upstairs (aka first were the oil cleansers, then the water cleansers, etc. – you can learn more about the steps here); whereas downstairs, they were organized by skin concern (acne, oily, etc.). This probably made all of the products easier to digest for someone who doesn’t know a ton about skincare vs. how at a Sephora, for example, everything is organized by brand and you kind of don’t know where to start (how I feel when my sister drags me into like, a plant nursery #lost).

Another thing that I thought was so genius and was like why TF has no one else thought of this – they had actual sinks for you to use to try the products on.


I love what I use from Soko Glam right now but also love trying out more of Soko Glams best products. Soooo, I bought:

Hanskin pore cleansing balm is one of Soko Glam's best products.

A new oil cleanser: Hanskin Pore Cleansing Balm. One of the experts working there (who were all soo amazing and knowledgeable by the way) said it helps with the removal of blackheads but is still great for sensitive skin so I was like, sign me up? I just used it, and found that the Banila Co cleanser that I usually use does a better job of removing makeup than this one. With the Hanskin, I had to scrub pretty hard to get my mascara off, so I probably will not be buying this again. 🙁

Acwell licorice cleansing toner is one of Soko Glam's best products.

A new toner: Acwell Licorice pH Balancing Cleansing Toner. This is hands-down one of the best Soko Glam products. I looove the way it smells, and the licorice helps brighten your skin. I’m actually not a fan of the smell of licorice but still like this. It’s also cheap at only $18!

Neogen's  real ferment micro essence is one of Soko Glam's best products.

A new essence: Neogen’s Real Ferment Micro Essence. The packaging for this feels so expensive and chic. One of the skincare experts explained to me that this contains “93% naturally fermented ingredients,” basically meaning you’ll be left hydrated AF.


Soko Glam is actually an amazing site to buy from if you’re new to skincare – they sell 10-step skincare routine sets based on your skin type. So you literally have to do zero thinking.

But, if you’re confused about what your skin type is and which are the best Soko Glam products for you, these descriptions should help:


little pores along nose and t-zone
rarely experience breakouts
experience slight shine at end of day or none at all
rarely experience reactions to products


frequently experience breakouts
large pores that extend to the hairline
experience an oily shine towards beginning of the day


have little to no pores or blackheads
have flaky skin
skin constantly feels tight
don’t experience an oily shine
rarely experience breakouts


have pores along t-zone (nose, forehead and even cheeks)
oily around t-zone, but dry elsewhere


you’re currently experiencing a breakout
frequently have chest and back breakouts
one or more of your family members have acne (mom, dad, brother, sister)
you’ve been experiencing breakouts since puberty


skin reacts easily to products
skin is red and produces heat
skin is thin and papery
have allergies, asthma or have been diagnosed with eczema

Once you’ve figured out your skin type, go to “Shop All” on the Soko Glam site, click on your skin type, and buy your 10 or 5-step skincare routine!

I need this pop up to come back. Soko Glam if you are out there and can hear me, please open a standalone store – I will likely be funding it myself. I can’t help it if all of Soko Glam’s products are the best skincare products out there!!!

Soko Glam's best products. LOL #freehat