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Forever Young: The Best Vitamins For Hair Growth And Beyond

I, for one, did not know one damn thing about nutraceuticals/vitamins until I met Hush & Hush at Indie Beauty Expo. I guess I knew about the kind that promote hair growth, but other than that, I thought only super type-A/paranoid people took them, OR super crunchy-granola people who didn’t believe in, like, Advil. But I was soooo wrong, and I’m excited to share what I learned!

Firstly, Why Should I Care?

You should care about taking nutraceuticals/vitamins because – and sorry if this is some kind of irrational fear/denial of yours – we are all aging. Yup, even you, bright-eyed 22 year old who lives in Murray Hill and just got brunch on her dad’s credit card last Saturday!!! (Just kidding we’d probably be friends). ANYWAYS, the aging process is something we can’t avoid, and I’d personally like to get ahead of it. Also, we’ve all had a night where we had trouble falling asleep (hello MindYourMind), or a morning when we kinda sorta wanted to be healthy (PlantYourDay). If you don’t invest in yourself (and your hair, dammit!), then what will you invest in?! Okay, that was kind of deep for this, but you get it. Aging is inevitable, so why not make sure you are doing it gracefully, with science-backed products.

Okay. So What is Hush & Hush?

Hush & Hush is the first luxury nutraceuticals brand that is dedicated to helping you live “younger, longer.” That sentence sounds like something I would’ve written in my PR days, so let me rephrase and say, Hush & Hush wants to help you look and feel your best, so they’ve created 4 different products that each benefit your body in a different way.

What exactly are the 4 different products?

PlantYourDay – Protein powder that allows you to drink your veggies in a way yummier fashion.

This has become an essential part of my morning routine – I like to put it in my smoothies, and honestly, sometimes I’ll have one for dinner too because I can’t resist! I almost can’t believe that this is healthy because the chocolate taste is so amazing and completely satisfies my sweet tooth craving.

TimeCapsule – Pill that slows down the aging process (yes it’s true!!) with its blend of antioxidants, amino acids and vitamins.

Obviously I can’t see how these anti-aging vitamins are helping me in real-time, but I know that every freaking time I go to the doctor’s, they tell me I need to start getting more [INSERT ONE MILLION TYPES OF VITAMINS HERE]. So, I feel great about the fact that I take this pill each and every day and am covering my bases. #health

MindYourMind – Pill that helps you fall asleep, but leaves you feeling refreshed upon waking (vs. how melotonin leaves you feeling groggy).

This works better than any other sleeping pill I’ve tried. It’s so comforting to know that if I need a good night’s sleep, I can rely on MindYourMind to help me not only fall asleep, but also wake up feeling refreshed. I will never buy melotonin again!

DeeplyRooted – Pill that strengthens hair, making it grow longer and thicker.

I’ve always wanted to try these vitamins and am so glad I finally am! My hair is longer and stronger than it’s ever been – I finally have that long hair I’ve complained about wanting for my entire life (seriously, just ask my mom). I feel so much better about how I look in my day-to-day now that I have strong, shiny and long hair. Silly, but true!

Hush & Hush makes the best vitamins for hair growth.

Before + after DeeplyRooted


Use my code “Sydney10” for 20% off at checkout if you want to invest in the best vitamins for hair growth and beyond. Let me know if you have any questions! And if you are still have q’s, watch my video below.