My Favorite Equinox Classes

The heart wants what it wants and my heart wants the below Equinox classes. This isn’t to say that I don’t take classes outside of what I listed below, though, it’s just that I kind of dread the other ones. Just kidding, I don’t dread METCON3, Stacked!, or Master of One, but I’m def looking at the clock in the last 15 minutes waiting for it to be over; whereas with these classes, I’m enjoying every second! (ew I’m annoying).

I should note that these are my favorite classes in NYC, and they might suck in other cities and if they do that’s not my fault.


The Sculpt Society

I LOVE THIS CLASS. When I looked the creator Megan Roup up, I wasn’t surprised to see that she has a dance background. But fear not! You don’t have to be even slightly coordinated for this class – the most you’re doing is, like, jumping up and down and doing a grapevine (if you don’t know what a grapevine is then sorry – I’m not using my blog to explain a grapevine).

ANYWAYS, this class GETS ME GOIN’ because it’s the perfect mix of cardio/jumping around (I just love to bop around okay?!), while also SCULPTING through the use of light weights, sliders, ankle weights and YO BODY. I won’t lie, this class gets TOUGH and prepare to be sore. But it’s not intimidating at all because it’s (tbh) a pretty girly class – it’s a favorite amongst NYC models and apparently every-girl-that-goes-to-Equinox-Gramercy’s favorite because I can’t get off the waitlist for the life of me but who is complaining???

The structure of the class is:

-Cardio/”dance” moves

-Arm exercises with light weights (there’s a lot of fist bumping with weights in this section – now that I’ve typed that out I think I will quietly laugh to myself every time we do this section now)

-Leg/ab exercises with sliders (this part is my least favorite because it’s so hard, but Megan Roup KNOWS US and thus makes this section super short)

-More leg/butt exercises on the mat using ankle weights


-One last dance-y bopping around section

WHEN TO TAKE IT: When you want to break a sweat with some cardio, but also want to tone your body. This class is so fun but you also need to be prepared to really work hard when taking it – it’s not easy!

Dance Cardio

Molly Day teaches this class and I easily love it just as much as I love The Sculpt Society. It’s so fun and POSITIVE! It’s kind of flip flopped with The Sculpt Society in the idea that the format is dance moves with a little sculpting in-between, while The Sculpt Society is sculpting with a little dancing in-between. Make sense?

Molly makes sure that the music is suuuper fun for this class, and she turns the lights off so that you don’t feel like everyone is staring at you trying to grapevine (ha ha see how I worked that in there). As a dancer, I don’t always love dance-y workout classes because I’m like, ehhh I might as well have just taken a real dance class. But this is totally an exception as you’ll be sure to work up a sweat, and the choreo isn’t at all challenging.

WHEN TO TAKE IT: When you aren’t really in the mood to workout but know you should. This class is a great cardio workout, but it’s so fun you’ll forget you’re even working out.

*Funny story – Molly has a small but mighty cult following, and one time I was at a party and a Katy Perry song came on, and a girl there was like “omg I do a dance to this song in my favorite Equinox class,” and started doing the dance, and I was like ahh yeah I just took that class an hour ago! That was a terrible story.


Ok, SUE ME, but this is yet another dance-inspired cardio class. In this class, you use little 3-pound weight spheres while doing ballet-ish moves. But trust me, you don’t need to be a ballerina to do this because I can assure you no one else attending this class is… 🙂 I always leave this class sweatingggg like a mofo from all of the bending and other ballet moves that IDK how to spell, and sure as hell don’t feel like googling! Again, this is a girly class (think I’ve seen one dude attend and leave in the beginning of the class, he couldn’t even make it halfway through, poor guy) and perfect for getting that long, lean and sculpted body.

P.S. I especially love taking this class with Khaleah London and Kevin VerEecke!

WHEN TO TAKE IT: When you want sculpting (mostly upper body) and light cardio.

The Pursuit

Hhahahahahaha. I’m hysterically laughing thinking about myself in this class. Here’s why:

It’s a cycling class where you compete against your fellow Equinox assholes – your bike number is on a huge screen behind the instructor, and you play various competitive games throughout the class. I’m literally not competitive AT ALL (it’s actually shocking how NOT competitive I am, in kindergarten I used to just stand there on the soccer field staring into space, would’ve totes been on my iPhone had I owned one back then #IDGAF) but I get suuuper into this class and very competitive. The reason this is funny is because I always end up coming in second-to-last place (okay fine sometimes last).

I thought I got good at cycling in San Francisco and have been shocked at my consistent last-place standing, to the point where I convinced myself that the Equinox app must think I’m a boy (they rank the class as boys vs. girls) because I do have a boy-ish name. That sounds super plausible, right? Well, I did check, and the app in fact knows I’m a girl. But I still love this class.

WHEN TO TAKE IT: When you’re feeling gross and need an intense workout to reset.

True Barre / Barre Burn

Barre is an awesome low impact workout. Equinox offers a bunch of different versions of this class, with the main difference being whether or not the studio offers an actual barre for you to use, or if you stay in the center of the studio the whole time because there’s no barre. I personally don’t care at all which class I take, my ass hurts just the same the next day! A few of my favorite barre instructors include Adam Bokunewicz, Kelsey Stalter, Alexis Sweeney and Zach Bergfelt – though I definitely have more that I can’t think of right now!! This is probably the least intimidating class – when I lived on the Upper East Side I was FREQUENTLY the only person in the class under the age of 60 (outside of the instructor). So can people stop asking me why I moved downtown thank youuuu. 🙂

WHEN TO TAKE IT: When you want to get some sculpting in but don’t want anything too hard on the body. It’s my personal hungover fav.


This class is an intense 30-minute HIIT workout (if you don’t know what HIIT is you are NOT cool enough to be reading this blog). I love it because I go in, I die, and then I am out. The way it works is the instructor gives you a few different workout routines, and you perform them for 45-seconds, then 30-seconds, then down to 15-seconds. So there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel and it goes by super fast. I’m always sore the next day and also always pumped to walk my ass out after a short half hour.

WHEN TO TAKE IT: When you want an efficient, intense workout – both cardio and strength training. And definitely when you want to be sore the next day.