5 Things I Learned After I Turned 25

Yes, I am only 26 and yes, I have a lot of life to live, but isn’t the millennial generation all about acting entitled and like we know everything? Just kidding, this post isn’t really advice to you as much as it is a desire for me to talk about myself, so take it for what it is. I hope you’ve grown into as amazing of an adult as I have. 😉

Playing it cool isn’t always the answer

This mostly has to do with dating. My mentality had always been to play it safe – if the guy you like hasn’t texted you, that means he doesn’t care and doesn’t want to see you. So don’t cave and text him first, keep your pride instead. Of course this is the case sometimes – and let’s all take the hint if we’ve texted a few times but haven’t received an answer plz – but I’ve actually found that more often than not, putting yourself out there will yield a positive outcome. I used to never share my emotions, say what I really wanted or all in all “take charge” because I thought it might be a turn off, and I wouldn’t have the upper hand. But I’ve learned that no one wins if one person has the “upper hand” (even if that person is you), because that’s not a real relationship that could last any amount of time.

Everything good happens once you stop giving a shit

Literally no one knows what they are doing – in life and in work. Everyone is faking having it all together, and to try and keep up with this idea of a “perfect career path” or a “perfect life” that’s headed towards a white picket fence, etc. is just dumb. Once you stop chasing these ideas and find what really makes YOU happy, you’ll feel so much more satisfied and, ironically, on a better path. I know people are confused at the idea that I gave up a solid career path to work in retail and pursue being a makeup artist. But, once I did that, I was so relieved and felt so much more fulfilled. I’ve kind of let go of all control, and now I’m excited at the ~endless possibilities~ (ew) of what I might do next.

Family is the most important

I’ve always been super close with my family and appreciative of that. But, as I’ve gotten older and become less dependent on my friends, I’ve realized even more how important it is to have that support system. TBH, your friends are going to find significant others and ditch you for them because #priorities, so it’s important to have your own family you can confide in once your pals start dropping like flies (jk jk jk). Anyways, I feel like a lot of my friends felt super lonely once we graduated college because they weren’t in contact with their peers 24/7 anymore; but fortunately, I never really had to feel that because I could always call my mom or sister (even though 1. I know my sister isn’t reading this because she’s, like, “busy,” and 2. she told me she might start charging me for her therapy sessions conducted via phone but w/e).

Don’t force friendships and DEFINITELY don’t be a people-pleaser

I’ve actually always been pretty good at this (at least after I graduated high school), but I’ve reached an ultimate high in the amount that I DGAF about you, you random person. I don’t jive with everyone, and us not jiving does not reflect poorly on you or on me. I’ve stopped feeling guilty for thinking you are annoying, I’ve stopped trying to justify others’ actions when I feel they’re being weird or mean, and I all around don’t care to get you to like me if we aren’t a match as friends. Is that bitchy? Cool because I really don’t care. 😉

There is no dress rehearsal in life

Okay DEEP I know, but I saw this quote somewhere and it really resonated with me/freaked me out. You literally have ONE CHANCE to do the things in life that you want to do. So whatever you are debating going for, or whatever decision you are grappling with – chase it ASAP because soon enough you’ll be dead. KIDDINGGG but you get it.

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