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The Best Outside patio Bars in NYC

I know we all want pumpkin/fall/this that and the other basic autumn thing, but truth is bitch it’s still warm AF out. So why not soak up the heat and check out these outside patio bars while you still have the chance? They’ll also probably be a lot less crowded. Enjoiiii.

City Vineyard

For whatever reason, I feel like this bar is less pretentious and more chill than some other NYC outside patio bars, despite the crowd being kind of exactly the same? (aka every guy I’ve ever matched with on Hinge). Either way, the view here is outstanding and the bar is freaking HUGE, so I’ve never had to wait in line (maybe the spaciousness is what creates the chill vibe?). They don’t sell hard alcohol, which at first was a bummer because #summerdiet*, but this forced me to try a new cider that I LOVED.

*I can never diet, so my form of a “diet” is just being mindful here and there, and ordering less-sugary alcoholic drinks is an easy way to do this while not totally sacrificing being a fun human I think?

Gilligan’s at Soho Grand

This bar is perfect for actually being able to have a conversation/hear what the person in front of you is saying. I came here in the middle of the day, and outside patio bars in NYC are usually packed at all times in the warm weather, but my 2 friends are I were easily able to get a table (literally unheard of). The vibe is summery, chill and big green leafs (that’s a vibe, right?). This bar also has water spritzers coming out from SOMEWHERE above (descriptive IK but I forget where from) to keep you cool! This is common on the West Coast but I’d never seen this is NYC. #Genius but also gross maybe if the water gets in your food, but you’re probably drunk and don’t care.

This place is new-ish but blew up super fast. I’m painfully basic for adding it to this list, but IDC because I was just there for dinner and the cauliflower dish is to DIEEE for. The drinks are also really unique and tasty, but also strong. There are two locations – I’ve only ever been to Jungle Room, which has a rooftop as well a lower level with a DJ and a dance floor. As the name suggests, it’s very Mexico, jungle-vibes with palm trees and the works. I will definitely be back.


The Skylark isn’t super well known – probably because it’s in Midtown – but I found it through a google search when I was looking for potential spots for my birthday. It’s only open Monday – Friday, so you’ll see a lot of men in suits plus an AMAZING view. In the winter, there are (obviously) walls (okay I feel really stupid writing that but bear with me); but in the summer, they put the walls down so the entire bar is open-air. “Put the walls down” – haaaa I CLEARLY do not work in construction.

                        skylark - outside patio barskylark - outside patio bar

Sorrryyyyy but I had to. If you live in New York, you know this is THE place for annoying Instagrammers, and it gets super packed. But it’s for a good reason – the view is amazing and so are the drinks. It’s definitely a more fancy vibe, so know that before going. This spot is not just for the warm weather, though – I’ve been in the winter and had a lot of fun, just not really on the terrace where I was freezing my ass off.

Let me know if you have any other outside patio bars you’re loving in NYC!

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