“Build Your Own Brand,” They Said…

Obviously, you know I’ve started a blog, because you are here. And if you are here, you’ve probably also seen me advertising my blog like a mofo and trying to “build my own brand.”

I lurveeee writing this blog, but what I DON’T love is feeling like such a loser promoting it. I want to talk about why promoting my “brand” as a makeup artist/blogger has been such an internal struggle for me:

I feel so fucking annoying

Here’s the thing – I (mostly) enjoy following other makeup artists and influencers on social media, seeing them unbox gifts from PR, looking at their selfies, etc. Actually, I enjoy watching this from people even if they aren’t real “influencers.” So why do I feel so cringe-y doing it myself? I’ve gotten pretty good at ignoring this feeling and just posting whatever TF I want, buuut I’d like the feeling to go away completely.

I want to stay true to myself, but I also want more followers

Obviously if I want to make $$ from this here blog, I need more people reading it. And obviously social media is an amazing (free!) marketing tool. But I’m realizing a lot of these skincare/beauty/makeup influencers and bloggers are literally all the same. But hey, it doesn’t matter to them – they have the followers and are getting paid! Howeverrrr, for me, I just can’t handle the basic-ness. I want to stick to being my sarcastic self. But can I be myself and also get more followers/grow my brand? IDK.

I want to talk about things outside of just beauty

Clearly, I love beauty. But, I want to write about other things, too (like dating and amazing life advice ;)). However, I’ve heard that it’s important to stick to only one focus when you are building your own brand, grow a following from that, and then move outward onto other topics. But likeeee, I will literally die if I can only post and write about beauty. I personally am not in love with the accounts that ONLY post about skincare or whatever it may be. So – am I kicking myself in the foot by starting off writing about too many things?!

There you have it, an inside look into my brain as of late. If anyone has any thoughts, pleaseeee lemme know. Ugh, to be a girl in the digital age!!!

Below is a video where I talk more about my struggles when it comes to building my own brand. I also open my phone and go through Bumble a lil. Enjoiii!