How Intuitive Eating Changed My Life

Hi hi I’m backkkkk.

I want to talk about dieting, body image issues, intuitive eating and all that. I’m a girl so obviously this stuff has been in my consciousness in different ways throughout my life.

High School

Intuitive eating - not so much My diet in high school

In high school I literally thought I was fat. Not actually obese, but I thought I was bigger than my friends and that I was chubby. When people would call me slim, I genuinely thought they were lying and just trying to be polite. This is truly hilarious looking back as I was ~112 pounds, super healthy from dancing at least 3 hours/day, and had a hot f*cking bod. But, I didn’t realize this at all at the time, so instead of being comfortable in my own skin I was super self-conscious.

Ironically, my eating in high school was probably the unhealthiest I’ve ever been – I was really only eating carbs and Hoodsie cup ice creams (not kidding) because I was super picky. No wonder I was so tired all the freaking time!!!


My freshman year of college I actually lost weight. It was the first time that I could freely go to the gym, as I had always been tied down to dance practice in high school. I was always so curious about people that just like, went to the gym on their own. Literally had no clue what everyone was doing in there. So I became obsessed with the elliptical and running, and was also eating way less. I don’t really know why I started eating less – maybe I had started intuitively eating? – but I also think I just REALLY didn’t want to gain the freshman 15. My freshman year I also started eating vegetables and salads, and not just pasta!!! #win

Intuitive eating - not really The free Israeli breakfast I ate every morning. Sad because it was my last day there and obv because I felt fat, but now looking back I’m sad that I wore these glasses???

But then I went to Israel the summer after my freshman year and sh*t hit the fan. Intuitive eating was absolutely nowhere in sight! I gained a ton of weight, lost some of it my sophomore year buuuut still was definitely heavier throughout the rest of college. I had people tell me in my senior year that I looked like I had lost weight, which makes sense as I started eating one bagel when I was hungover instead of the usual two. 😉

NOT intuitive eating! Fat face 🙁 (me not Lorna)

Real World

Now, I’m a #bigkid and have developed (mainly) healthy and normal eating habits through intuitive eating and listening to my body. I used to binge eat, especially when I was hungover, and totally did not know how to eat the normal 3 meals a day because I was always so focused on restricting myself in order to lose weight. Now that I have taken myself out of food jail (ha ha ha), and have actually allowed myself to eat more, I’m not looking at food as the bad guy. This has allowed me to place a focus on being healthy instead of on losing weight.

Dr. Sydney

The MAIN POINT I WANT TO MAKE from all of this is: even though I was way skinnier in high school than I was in college/now/probably will ever be, I truly felt 10x more confident in college than I ever had. And also way happier. People that are waiting to lose however much weight thinking that it will make them happy have it all wrong.

However, I do want to say that being healthy and working out genuinely DOES make me happy. And I think people that are unhappy with where they’re at totally should go on a diet or set health goals, because being healthy WILL significantly improve your life. I’m just saying: for the healthy peeps out there, stop obsessing over your body, and don’t worry about being so strict that you’re causing yourself to feel guilty.

Watch the vid for more reasons on why we need to stop obsessing over our bodies and what we eat, and instead listen to what our bodies need and intuitively eat! Wait am I Demi Lovato now???

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