Best Low Calorie, Vegan Snacks

I’ve come to terms with my snacking habits. The trick is to (attempt) to make the snacks as healthy as possible while still tasting good and satisfying my cravings. Check out the best low calorie vegan snacks I’m loving right now below!

Oh, and, sorry if the pic in the title is misleading – I’m not a “bring a cute tupperware filled with hummus and celery to work” kinda girl. Quite frankly, I hate putting ANY effort into what I eat, so quickly picking something up from Duane Reade or a bodega is my reality!

Real Food From the Ground Up Cauliflower Crackers

Real Food From the Ground Up Cauliflower Crackers are the best low calorie vegan snack.

The best kind of snack is the guilt-free snack, and I am lovingggg the lightness of these crackers. I don’t feel heavy or gross after eating them, and if you are like me on a Sunday and KNOW you will be eating the whole bag no matter what you might be telling yourself, the whole box is only about 400 calories. Not so bad compared to Cheez Its and Goldfish and all of those amazing but caloric snacks.

LesserEvil Buddha Bowl Organic Popcorn

LesserEvil Buddha Bowl Organic Popcorn is the best low calorie vegan snack.

I found this popcorn working from Facebook’s office in SF, and BOY was I happy I did. I’ve only ever tried the Himalayan Pink flavor, which is similar to your standard Skinny Pop that I’m sure we’ve all tried, but with a little more of a coconut flavor. These are soooo yummy and the packaging feels kinda bougie/like you definitely go to yoga or at least wear Lululemon. So, great target marketing, Buddha Bowl – you found us!!

LOVE CORN Crunchy Corn

LOVE CORN Crunchy Corn is the best low calorie vegan snack.

These corn snacks are sooo tasty and it was while I was eating them that I was inspired to write a post about the best low calorie, vegan snacks! My favorite is the sea salt flavor, but they also offer habanero and smoked bbq. They have a strong crunch and I appreciate that they are low calorie while also so flavorful. Also, the writing on the packaging?! So cute and makes me feel like I’m friends with whoever wrote it (sad I know but w/e).

Nourish Snacks Crunchy Granola Chia Bites

Nourish Snacks Crunchy Granola Chia Bites are the best low calorie vegan snack.

I am obsessed with these things and am forever thankful that they’re vegan. I buy them when I’m craving dessert but don’t want to go tooo crazy on the calories/don’t want anything too decadent. If you’re like me and love granola, but know that most granolas are super sugary and high in calories, this is an amazing alternative. The coconut vanilla is my fav flavor.

No Cow Protein Bar

No Cow Protein Bars are the best low calorie vegan snacks.

The day that I found these protein bars was the best day ever. I’m always looking for low(ish) calorie protein bars that also taste good, and, hardest part, are low in sugar AND are vegan/dairy-free. No Cow makes theee best, most delicious bars – dairy-free or not. The only sad part is that they are often sold out in drugstores/bodegas (around me at least!!). So, best to buy them in bulk.

Even if you aren’t a vegan, all of these snacks taste bomb. I’m happy you now know the best low calorie and vegan snacks (*said while eating a No Cow bar*)!