The Cosmetic Case You Need For Travel

The Issue

I can guarantee your current cosmetic case is kinda nasty. Whose isn’t? There’s no easy way to wash it – which seems crazy, given how easily messy our makeup and other beauty products can get.

Also, why am I not able to find the perfect cosmetic case for travel? I either have cosmetic cases that fit perfectly in my suitcase, OR I have cases that are super organized with a ton of different compartments, but way too large for my suitcase/carry on. Where’s the cosmetic case that can do both?!

Kusshi The Brand

That’s why meeting Kusshi at the Indie Beauty Expo was literally a dream for me (okay, dramatic, but you’ll see why). I’ve been wasting time trying to keep sh*t organized and together thanks to the multiple different bags and cases I need to use in order to fit all of my makeup and skincare into my suitcase or carry on. Kusshi saves me time because it’s first cosmetic case that can fit everything AND keep it in place! Not only this, but their bags are also machine washable.

Kusshi is ideal for the traveling woman because they offer a totally new and unique way of organizing everything. Seriously. See for yourself:

The Makeup Bag

Kusshi is the cosmetic case you need for travel

I’ve been using the Signature Full Set, which is great for everyday use AND travel. The makeup bag in this set is amazing. My fav features of the bag include:

  • The zippers allow the case to open up on all 3 sides – making it super easy to grab what I need

  • The zippers are in an “O” shape – making it even easier to open and close the case

  • It’s lightweight – perfect for bringing in my carry-on or purse

  • It’s CUTE! Functional things don’t always have to be ugly 😉

The Organizer

The organizer that comes with the bag can be used for manyyyy things outside of just makeup brushes, like:



Lip glosses



…The possibilities are endless! The organizer folds up, fitting perfectly into the cosmetic case.

Coolest part? Kusshi designed the organizer and the makeup bag with snaps, so that the organizer stays secure inside the cosmetic case (instead of being left to float around aimlessly).

If you want to save room in your cosmetic case, though, you always have the option to take the organizer out, and put it in the clutch!

The Clutch Cover

I love Kusshi’s commitment to keeping things cute, while also SO practical. Thank you Kusshi for being the first cosmetic case to actually impress me!