Easy, Last-Minute Women’s Halloween Costume and Makeup Ideas

So you’re a woman who hasn’t figured out your Halloween costume or makeup yet? Congrats, you have a life!

But not to fret. I am here to help you find a cheap women’s Halloween costume (maybe not a FULL costume but you get what you give!) as well as some super easy makeup ideas. Because the last-minute, stressful half-assed women’s Halloween costume/makeup attempt is half the fun of the whole holiday, isn’t it?

Face/Eye Jewel Stickers for a Euphoria-Inspired Makeup Look, $9.99

Euphoria-inspired women's Halloween costume
Euphoria-inspired women’s Halloween costume

This is perfect for whoever wants a Euphoria-inspired makeup look but is too lazy and too talentless to actually pull it off on their own. Literally just peel and stick these babies on, and you have your Halloween makeup!

Also, of course, these eye jewels don’t have to be for Euphoria-inspired looks only. Genie? Sure. Coachella festival girl? Yup. Don’t even care enough to come up with an actual character, and just want to look cool and different on Halloween? PERFECT!

Clip-In Ponytail Extension for Ariana Grande Costume, $26

Ariana Grande women's Halloween costume
Ariana Grande women’s Halloween costume

The thought of a hair extension is intimidating, but trust me, these ponytail extensions are SO EASY! You just make a ponytail of your own, and clip the extension in. Takes 3-seconds.

Anyways, I really don’t think Ariana Grande women’s Halloween costumes will ever get old. ESPECIALLY if you have a boyfriend that dresses up like Pete Davidson (I’m thinking a plaid shirt, sweatpants, sneakers, and a baseball cap?). It could be even more morbid and Halloween-y now that they’ve broken up! 😉

UGH, I digress, I digress. Pair this clip-in ponytail hair extension with a choker, an oversized sweatshirt (I know we ALL have an extra oversized sweatshirt lying around from our last hookup), heels (preferably thigh-high), and you’re G2G.

As for the makeup, Ariana Grande is only ever seen wearing a winged cat eyeliner. Which I get isn’t that easy of a last-minute Halloween makeup idea. So! I present to you with the Able Cosmetics Cat Eye 101 Long-Lasting Liquid Eyeliner for a symmetrical cat-eye. Yay, we can all have Ariana Grande wings now! This eyeliner stays on all day, is so easy to apply, and is really looking out for us everyday consumers who want to look trendy, but don’t necessarily have the makeup skillz to do so. Even if you don’t like winged liner, I’d still recommend this product. It’s amazing!

Oh, and definitely grab a Starbucks drink or lollipop to complete the look.

Ariana Grande women's Halloween costume
Ariana Grande women’s Halloween costume

Fake Blood for Horror/Vampire/Zombie Costume, $8.99

Funny Halloween costume
Funny Halloween costume

Hhahah okay please don’t look as scary as this guy on Halloween. But, do use fake blood in a sexy cool girl way! It’s SO easy: literally just take a q-tip, dip it into the blood, and splatter it around your mouth, face, arms, and chest. Maybe add some vampire fangs to accentuate the scary Halloween vibes. And be a Vampire, duh.

If you’ve already dressed up as a Vampire for Halloween as every normal Twilight-stan has, then instead just use some dark eye makeup and turn this look into a Zombie Halloween costume. I’d personally use the Stila Smudge Pot and smudge it all around my upper lid, and then also use it as an eyeliner in my waterline, and lastly smudge it around the bottom of my eye. Not rocket science. And add these Zombie contact lenses – it’ll almost even look like you put some effort into your costume!

Colored Maybelline Eyeliner for Another Euphoria-Inspired Makeup Look, $6.99

I’ve decided we definitely aren’t done exploring all that Euphoria beauty has to offer. I think another Euphoria-inspired women’s Halloween costume/makeup look is in order.

I remember Jules had some really cool eyeliner looks:

These are all super simple to recreate. And, if you aren’t the best at symmetry (I mean who TF is??), then embrace that and make it a quirky, asymmetric makeup look! I love the Maybelline eyeliner – it goes on super smooth and wears well, plus the colors are super pigmented and vibrant. Which totes screams “Euphoria” (let’s play a drinking game where each time I type out Euphoria, someone takes a shot).

Just pick a shape, draw it around your eyes with the Maybelline liner, and call yoself Jules. As far as what to wear, I think the key to a DIY Jules women’s Halloween costume is layers. Pair a graphic long sleeve tee with a silk tank top, a mini skirt, and chunky boots.


There you have it! The easiest, cheapest women’s Halloween costume and makeup ideas I could come up with. I just had a thought: you could also pair all of this together/mix and match, and just be an IG wannabe influencer for Halloween? Maybe?

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If you wait until the last minute to sort out your costume, there are several step-by-step Halloween makeup tutorials that you can throw together with products that you already have in your medicine cabinet. Don’t feel intimidated for a second: All of the ideas on this list are easy enough for makeup newbies to follow (seriously, take our word for it). Once you get the foundation down (figuratively and literally), craft the rest of your party look with one of these simple DIY Halloween costume ideas .

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