The Best Activities in San Francisco (…if you’re a frat boy)

I lived in San Francisco for 2 years which makes me an absolute expert on everything there, yes? Just kidding, but I spent so much time walking around that city that I really did get familiar with it pretty fast (and if you know me this is shocking – I can barely make it down the block in my hometown of Westwood, MA without getting lost). I especially spent a lot of time walking to/through The Marina.

I got the vibe that people who have yet to visit SF are still familiar with The Marina, and I had definitely heard of it before I moved there, so I wanted to debunk all of those crazy Marina Myths!!! Jk again, I just want to share some of the best activities in San Francisco.

The best activities in San Francisco

The Vibe

First, though, I’ll give an overview of what The Marina is like. It’s pretty small actually, and has a VERY specific vibe. The only word I can think of to describe the vibe is fratty, blech. The girls in The Marina are all very well-dressed (by San Francisco’s standards, AKA there are a lot of Patagonia jackets) and the guys are all really hot but very preppy.

As I mentioned, the activities here are really some of the best in San Francisco. There’s tons of boutique workout studios, outdoor restaurants, and fun bars (unless you hate fratty drunk people – though I for sure loved fratty drunk people when I was 23 and might still do, w/e). If you’re a San Francisco hipster, you’d definitely avoid this neighborhood like the plague. Cool, let’s get to ittt!

Favorite Restaurants

Blackwood – Amazing Thai food in a fancy-ish restaurant. I die for this place – I remember my dish came out sizzling and it was DELICIOUSSS.

The best activities in San Francisco

Blue Barn – I freaking miss this place!!! It’s a very happening salad spot. It’s SO yummy. Be prepared to see a lot of Lululemon here.

Tacolicious – People make fun of this restaurant but I like it!!! It’s a chain, probably why it kind of gets a bad rep, but the tacos are yummy and it’s a fun vibe.

Rose’s Cafe – This is a nicer brunch spot – super crowded, super delicious. Lots of couples in here being wholesome on a Sunday morning.

Off The Grid – MY FAVORITE! This was an outdoor food truck festival on Friday nights. There was always live music, the food was cheap, and the vibe was super fun but also chill.

Palm House – This bar has a super fun, tiki-vibe thing going on. I love the drinks here and the dancing.

The best activities in San Francisco The Tipsy Pig outdoor terrace, drinking their amazing Strawberry drink

The Tipsy Pig – Tipsy Pig has an amazinggg outdoor terrace area. It was always packed, and I always met cool people when I was here (lawlz though thinking about who I thought was “cool” when I was 23).

The Brixton – I always started my nights here for some reason. It was also always packed, and close to everything.

The Dorian – I don’t really remember anything noteworthy about The Dorian, other than I also used to come here to start my nights as well, and it’s a nicer bar. But I know I went here a lot!! Maybe there’s a reason I don’t remember…IDK???

Bar None – THIS bar was a shitshow. If you were super drunk and wanted to play arcade games or beer pong, this was your spot. Frat CENTRAL.

The best activities in San Francisco

Bar None – the choker says it all


I can’t NOT talk about shopping if I’m talking about the best activities in San Francisco, but honestly what’s standing out in my memory is a lot of chain shops. And no one needs to read about The Gap. However, I do remember a lot of other cute boutique shops along Chestnut St. and Union St.

I loved going to The Marina when I lived in San Francisco, but after 2 years it started to feel wayyyy too small and fratty. Now I’ve moved onto better, more mature things like Murray Hill in NYC (jk jk).

The best activities in San Francisco <3