Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink & more products I loved from the ‘Maybelline house’ in NYC

I had the chance to check out Maybelline House in Greenwich Village during New York Fashion Week. It’s basically an immersive experience (immersive experiences, so hot right now) with a bunch of different rooms showcasing the brand and it’s amazing products (like the Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink), AKA giving you the opportunity to take Instagram […]

Food and Drink

The Best Outside patio Bars in NYC

I know we all want pumpkin/fall/this that and the other basic autumn thing, but truth is bitch it’s still warm AF out. So why not soak up the heat and check out these outside patio bars while you still have the chance? They’ll also probably be a lot less crowded. Enjoiiii. City Vineyard For whatever […]


Why You Should Be Dating Multiple People at Once

Writing about dating makes me feel so ~vulnerable~ and weird, but I talk about it all the freaking time so might as well exhaust even more people with my thoughts!! New York vs. Everywhere Else Firstly, I want to say that dating in NYC is a total different ballgame than any other place I’ve lived […]